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Our mission is helping customers achieve excellence in the construction industry turned  recent knowledge into opportunities for the customer.

Mahac believe that the innovative contribution in the construction sector for-Metal-Free Materials and Technologies- is an effective solution to increase the service life of the products, finalized  also at saving the resources we have available. That is why we would like to share a collection of technical tests carried out in different countries of the world, they provide an effectiveness technical answer to our suggested products.

Dowload Forta FI

FORTA-FI® Testing & Performance

This innovative fiber, FORTA-FI®, has been tested according to the strictest performance tests, offering cost advantages, extending the useful life of the flooring. Millions of kilos of FORTA-FI ® have been produced and can be found on the streets around the world. Download the publication that collects a series of tests carried out on FORTA-FI® asphalt fibers developed and produced by Forta Corporation, the world leader in the sector.