Construction Chemicals and Building Technology

What we do

We work with qualified technological laboratories and functional production facilities to develop outstanding materials and technologies for ourselves and our customers.


Chemical concrete admixtures in ready mix and pre-cast sector

Cement grinding aids

Waterproofers, mortars, composites and technologies MAHAC METAL FREE

Consulting services, products and high-tech technologies for bituminous conglomerates

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Looking for new materials or innovative solutions?



Structural repair mortars

for concrete and masonry

Plastering mortars

interior and exterior protection and for aesthetic finishes

Synthetic macrofibres

for structural reinforcement of concrete and bituminous conglomerates

Waterproofing mortars

ideal for stopping the penetration and rise of water and humidity

Structural Reinforcement Systems:

FRP,FRCM and new generation of composite

How we work

La Our in-depth knowledge of local markets, helps us to develop solutions responding to our customers’ specific challenges.

We research

innovative solutions offering real benefits for the construction industry, supported by the best research laboratories.

We develop

solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Behind every new development is hard work;every products is evaluate according to its physical, chemical and mechanic properties and performance.

We help

enterprises by selecting the best resources available to us.

We invest in innovation and research & development in order to offer our customers outstanding products and services that solve their technical, commercial and marketing requirements.
Our goals including supporting companies with the best technologies for improving their competitive edge on the market.